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1750 Subscribers

ItsMore than 1700+ subscribers are daily transacting with their Yuscards accounts.

120BTC volume transactions.

More than 20BTC are transacted every months via Yuscards users

10 Countries Covers

We reach out to all these 10 countries due to its high internet users.

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Make a request for the cards from our official website and receive notifications via e-mail within 15-30 minutes just after submitting the request form during business hours.

Get your cards loaded in just 15 minutes

Yuscards is the only VISA Card that can be loaded with mobile money in Africa. The loading budget start from $20 minimum, the cards can be loadable anytime.

With Yuscards, your

money is garanteed

Yuscards Visa, has its own wallet where the moneys are being kept & secured forever. The money inside can be converted into Dollars, Euros, or Pounds to ease all your payment online

YusCard is the right choice for you if:

you are 18 or older

The minimun age to use our service is 18.

You are an online Businessman

Yuscard would assist you in all your online payment activities easily like in the real life.

You don't want to use your Bank account

With Yuscard, you DON'T need any Bank account for your all online payment transactions.

You are honest and trustworthy

All successful Businessmen are trustworthy in the Business, same as Yuscard.

You have Mobile money or Bitcoins

Yuscard is an innovative tools that permit people to do all the payments/transactions online anytime and loadable with mobile money.

You do online purchase frequently

You must have some activities online such as purchases stuff online or payment transaction.

Why people choose us

We offer new innovative ways to do payment online.

No Bank Account needed.

Yuscard is purely VISA card system, that enable you to do all payment transactions online. You just need to have Mobile money or Bitcoins, NO Bank Account needed.

How it works?

load your card

Load your Yuscard remotely either via Mobile money or with Bitcoins currency. No need to go to any Bank

How it works?

Cheapest rate
Compare to any Bank.

Using Yuscard, there is no etra charges, no Taxes to issue like the one for local Bank, therefore the money inside respect the official rate.


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